the Spring League '18

The Spring League is an elite developmental league & scouting event for professional football talent.  Players are provided the opportunity to showcase their ability in front of NFL and CFL scouts, GM's, and player personnel directors. During the inaugural 2017 season, 22 NFL teams and 2 CFL teams either attended the event or requested practice and game film.  

With current membership of 4 teams, the league conducts joint practices and games during the month of April. The 2018 season will take place in Austin, Texas.

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March 28-April 13, 2018
Austin, Texas
Any player who was draft eligible during a previous year's NFL Draft, is eligible to participate in The Spring League.
The 2018 Spring League season will consist of 4 games (2 per team) played in accordance with NFL rules.

All games will be aired live on Turner Sports video streaming service.
Film Access
Both practice and game film will be provided to all 32 NFL clubs along with CFL teams.
Registration/Late Registration
Limited Space
Only 150 spots will be available for The Spring League 2018 season.

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Your second chance

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