And We’re Back! The Spring League Gets Set for Third Season

The Spring League’s 2019 flagship event opens this month in Austin, Texas. With the event around the corner, we sat down with TSL CFO Ezra Levine to find out what’s in store for the upcoming season:

Q: Talk to us about the state of developmental football in 2019. A lot of buzz.

EL: We’re tremendously excited about where TSL is heading into the ’19 season, both from a personnel standpoint and a business standpoint. This off-season witnessed an explosion of interest in developmental football, from the Alliance launch to XFL’s resurgence to additional TSL Showcases. There has never been a better time to be an aspiring professional football player. The Spring League’s mission is to serve as a launching pad for deserving players to fulfill their dreams of playing professional football. We look forward to a lot of success stories emerging from our 2019 season.

Q: What changes can we expect to see from The Spring League in 2019?

EL: A few big ones, certainly. We are excited to welcome the XFL as a partner for the 2019 season. They will be on hand scouting players, testing rule changes, and experimenting with a litany of new technologies. You will also see a greater focus on data, intelligence, and analytics via our partnership with STATS. Overall, a cutting edge experience for players and various leagues on hand looking to evaluate talent, and in-line with our goal of making the game safer for all participants.

Additionally, you’ll see a much larger international presence from our player pool this year. You’ll see players from Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Germany to name a few. We believe this represents a big opportunity for the game of football. The Spring League is the ideal platform to train and evaluate international talent. Look for this trend to continue.

Q: You’re back in Austin, Texas for the second season. Tell us what went into that decision and can we expect a further embrace of the city in year two? 

Austin is a terrific host city. Great weather, highly accessible and of course an ideal venue for our needs in Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. We do have a surprise for the local community, which we’re excited to announce within the upcoming weeks. Hopefully the city will embrace it and come out in full support. Stay tuned!



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