The Spring League, Now in Third Season, Proves It Has Staying Power

As the football world digests the sudden suspension of the Alliance of American Football, The Spring League continues to hum along in Austin, Texas. Now in its third season, The Spring League has stood the test of time as the preeminent developmental league and scouting event for aspiring professional football players. TSL has chosen the path of sustainability and opportunity over the hailmary, high-cost approach—-a strategic decision that continues to pay off.

The Spring League released the following statement today: “We enjoyed watching the continued success of our alum in the Alliance, and are saddened that players pursuing their dreams lost an opportunity to play the game they love. That said, we have never been more bullish on our model, and we are excited by our partnership with the XFL. We look forward to providing opportunities for players going forward.”

In addition, The Spring League will offer free admission to Saturday’s doubleheader for those who purchased AAF tickets. Kickoff will be at 3:30pm CST at Kelly Reeves Stadium.

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For those looking to buy tickets:



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