TSL CB Glenn Harris’ Relentless Pursuit of the Kansas City Chiefs’ 53-man roster – ChiefsWire

“…If the NFL wouldn’t take him, another league surely would, so after some soul searching, workouts, and a couple phone calls, he landed a spot with The Spring League in Mission Viejo, California under Terry Shea’s coaching staff. He made an immediate impact on defense, flashing those same coverage skills that made him special at Wayne State, and yet again he earned the respect of his opponents, but more importantly his coach…”

“…[TSL Coach] Terry Shea was a fixture in the league for eight years as a quarterbacks coach, and coached the college ranks for upwards of 25 years, including a stint under Bill Walsh at Stanford. He coached defensive backs early in his career, and something about Glenn Harris really caught his eye.

Though he coached the offense that was playing against Harris, Shea said he had several impressions of his game and what he brings to the table.

“He demonstrated coverage skills,” Shea said. “He demonstrated a real intuitive feel for the game. Knowing how to get to a ball and making a play on a ball that’s gonna lead to interceptions and in a competitive game. I would say he would probably be a great candidate for a nickel player who could come in and cover your No. 2 or your No. 3 receiver on the inside and do very well.”

As he talked about Harris, one thing became abundantly clear: folks who are in the business of building and coaching football teams have an eye for guys like Harris. They’re called “glue guys”; they might not be starters or every-down contributors, but they seem to hold the roster together, and they’re always fierce competitors…”

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