The Spring League Bans 3-Point Stance After Study Reveals It Can Reduce Subconcussive Hits by 40% – ESPN

“Less than a year later, a pilot study has emerged that helps confirm those instincts. In a paper published this spring, Stanford University professor emeritus Paul Auerbach joined Purdue University engineers Thomas Talavage and Eric Nauman to show that offensive linemen in The Spring League — a professional-level developmental program — absorbed 40% fewer head acceleration events (HAE) when starting from a two-point stance compared to those who started from a three-point stance. (They did not study defensive linemen.) Their findings prompted a longer study due to be submitted in the next year, but Auerbach said the initial data showed what appeared to be a beneficial effect.

The real take-home message here is that we can study these things,” Auerbach said. “Instead of arguing about it based on opinion, you can generate data on it.”



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