Practice Log Sea Lions and Generals 5/5

May, 5th. Houston, TX. Rice Stadium.

Sea Lions 

Today’s Sea Lion’s practice began with special team drills where Kicker John Baron made 6/6 and his longest completion was from 48 yards. During the punt team’s portion, Safety Bryce Torndeden, Wide Receiver James Tyreu, and Defensive Tackle Heath Williams showed a habit of getting through the line and applying pressure to the punter.

On offense, Wide Receivers AJ Greene and Andrew Jamameil put in serious work in their route running, getting past defenders early and often. Tommy Lavine also showed quickness in getting around defenders when the ball was thrown his way. Quarterback Nick Fitzgerald looked solid when attempting quick passes to Tight End Caleb Repp, and had several 30+ yard passes on the day.

The Running Backs for the Sea Lions really stood out during today’s practice. Adam Choice made easy work of defenders coming his way, using his speed to get around them and into the endzone. RB Chris Wilson also showed off his speed this morning, being able to turn around, get upfield quickly, and really pushing for extra yards after check-down passes.

Safety Bryce Torndeden really stood out on the defensive side of the ball this morning. During 7-7 drills he used his vertical to jump a clear 2 feet over the receiver to knock the ball out of his hands. While the team was running their full team run-throughs, Torndeden was all over the receivers, constantly interrupting plays and wreaking havoc in the secondary.



The Generals Defensive Linemen stood out today. End Carrol Phillips made it past the offensive line regularly during team drills, putting pressure on the backfield regularly. Darnell Holland and Howard Stephens also Ends, made it a point to be in the quarterback’s face often. Defensive Tackle Kamilo Tongamoa did not shy away from opposing linemen either, putting his arms to work and just being generally aggressive. Safety Evan Worthington was physical every time a receiver came near him, making frequent completion denying plays.

The offensive linemen, Sean Brown and Jordan Murray both showed excellent footwork during today’s practice and stayed low to keep the Gen’s D-Line away. Running Back Chris Jones also had a good showing this morning when making decisions at the line of scrimmage. Darnell Howard, also a Running Back, showed no hesitation when running through open gaps on the line and really made an effort to get downfield.

Wide receivers Devin Gray and Saiosi Mariner both exhibited quickness and understanding of the playbook through their timing on the field today. Tight End Sal Cannella showed his ability to run routes and used his body to make several athletic catches on the day.

Quarterback Ryan Mallet looked comfortable running the football today, taking off whenever the defense had his receivers locked up. He also recorded a punt that landed at the opposite 42-yard line from the back of his endzone.


Jose M. Rodriguez III



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