South Division Player of the Week: LaDarius Galloway

The Spring League named LaDarius Galloway of the Sea Lions the South Division Player of the Week for his outstanding performance in the Sea Lions win over the Generals on Monday. When asked what this award meant to him Galloway said “Player of the Week means that I went out there and took care of my business for my teammates. It’s just an honor to me.”

Carrying the ball 21 times for 122 yards and a touchdown, Galloway stood out amongst the pack of South Division players this week. He had this to say on his progress in TSL so far: “I feel like I’m doing pretty good. I have a lot of room to get better cause I’m still new to the team, new to the offense. Coach preaches every day about details. I just want to keep building and keep focusing on the details and such.”

Galloway finished his collegiate career at UT-Martin and spoke on how he was prepared for what was to come in TSL.  “The biggest thing from coach Simpson was details. Here in TSL, I hear the same things from my coaches that I did back at UT-Martin. I’m just focusing on the details and enjoying where my feet are at right now.” After college Galloway was called to the Calgary Stampeders, he spoke on what he learned there saying “I learned how to be a professional. How to take care of your body, and getting into that playbook. Understanding my assignment. I like to be a student of the game, and I learned that in Calgary”

When asked about how he is fitting in with the Sea Lions, Galloway looked excited to talk about his new teammates speaking on how they had quickly found brotherhood in each other. He said: “I feel like I’m fitting in well with the team. We support each other with our personal brands and everything. You try to interact and appreciate each other, trying to understand that no one’s job is any better than the others’ cause it all takes a team for us all to have success.”

Galloway, like many other athletes working for their goals, was upended by COVID 19. While he was not playing football he worked full time as a delivery driver, maintaining his body at football level, and studying the game. After losing his brother and father in early 2020, LaDarrius focused even more on football saying: “I’ve been playing for them, and just that’s what’s been keeping me going. I know that I have great potential. Them, they kept me going, they always told me they wanted to see me do it. I couldn’t just let my talent go down the drain. Everything happens for you, not just to you.”

When asked what he would say to scouts and potential coaches looking at his film he leaned back with a smile and said “Basically I’m not just a scat back. I’m an every-down back. I can be reliable and dependable, an every-down back. I’m willing to do that whether it’s catching running or making a block for my QB so he can get the ball down. I understand adversity and what it takes.”

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Aaron Baton (@botaaaron)


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