TSL2021: Blues vs. Sea Lions (Week 4 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

The Spring League’s South Division kicked off Week 4 with a clash between the Blues and the Sea Lions.

The second occurrence of “The Hunt” was defined by a 140-yard game by Blues QB Conner Kaegi. The Blues moved down the field quickly on their first drive, and a pass interference call on the Sea Lions brought the Blues right to the edge of the endzone. Marcelius Sutton ran it in for a 3-yard touchdown, and the Blues took an early 6-0 lead.

The returning Sea Lions drive was cut short by a midfield interception by Blue Quincy Mauger giving them the ball back. Kaegi connected with Lucky Jackson to bring the Blues inside the 5-yard line. Kaegi kept the ball and leaped over the offensive line for another Blues touchdown and after Johnathan Barnes made his PAT they were up 13-0.

When the Sea Lions got the ball again, QB Deandre Johnson scrambled his way well across the fifty-yard line then connected with WR Kavonte Turpin finally putting the Sea Lions on the board, 13-7 Blues.

The Sea Lions kept that momentum going on their following defensive drive. Tyson Grahm Jr. of the Blues intercepted a pass intended for Brandon Arcanado. Tucker Dawonya brought the Sea Lions into the red zone, but the Blue’s managed to hold them to a field goal try made by Garrett Hartley, bringing the score to 13-10 Blues.

On the following Blues Drive, Kaegi connected with Hakeem Vales for a huge pickup to bring the Blues well into the red zone setting up the score by Davion Davis, after a failed 2-pt conversion, the score was 19-10 Blues. They kept the momentum going when Damon Lloyd intercepted Ben Holmes on the following Sea Lions drive returning the ball across the opposing 30-yard line.

The game concluded soon after this interception, neither team really got anything going after that. The final score was 19-10 Blues.

Full Box Score

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Aaron Meulion (@aa7ron)


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