South Division Player of the Week: Cameron Scarlett

The Spring League named Cameron Scarlett South Division Player of the week for his outstanding performance last weekend in the Jousters’ victory over the Generals.

When asked about what this award means to him, he had this to say “It’s a special, special achievement for me. being that it’s my first week here. I had a full workload, 25 carries which is tough on the body, and I’m grateful I got through it healthy. It’s really a credit to my offensive line and coaching staff for putting me in the right positions. Just determined for this weekend to run hard and finish my runs, and win the game.” He went on to speak on his time in TSL so far, “It was a quick change and a quick turnaround to get down here. I’m used to quickly change and adapting to adversity. I’m just taking it all in and making sure to enjoy each day, and I’m confident where I am and where I started and where I’m going. There’s always some mess-ups along the way that I need to fix and always more I can do, so I’m excited for the journey.”

Scarlett spoke on his time with the Jousters so far saying: “As soon as I got here I knew we had a really good team. There’s a lot of talent here top to bottom. Our team is gelling really well. people told me that I was coming to the best team, so seeing it on gameday seeing us in action was really a cool sight. I’m thankful that I was able to get on such a good team. It’s been a really great experience.”

As the 18th all-time rusher in Stanford Cardinal school history, Cameron had this to say about his Alma Mater: “I grew a lot at Stanford. Credit to my coaching staff and the people around me. When I got there I wasn’t as dialed in mentally. Then learning from guys like Christian McCaffery and Bryce Love really helped me figure out how much of the game is mental and how to push yourself. All the coaches who taught me really shaped me into a well-rounded football player and a well-rounded man.”

When asked what kept him going during COVID he had this to say “There were some hard times. I had to work through some adversity and hard moments. I had to force myself to work and keep myself in shape. Just having that mental strength that I built up at Stanford kept me in it. Every day you either get better or worse, and I just like to push myself. Whatever I deserve will come to me, I just can’t cheat myself from my blessing, you just have to grind and get it done.”

To scouts and teams watching him play, Scarlett had this to say, “I just want an opportunity. I’ll come in and be a pro’s pro. I’ll come in and work every day. I should be playing at that level.”

-Jose Rodriguez

Photo by Aaron Meullion (@aa7ron)


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