TSL2021: Blues vs. Jousters (Week 5 Full Game Recap and Highlights)

The Spring League’s fifth week of play concluded with a clash between the Blues and the Jousters. The Jousters help a steady lead most of the game, but a last-second play by the Blues stole the show on the evening.

Jousters QB Luis Perez started off the game. Perez connected with Josh Simmons and Dequan Hampton early, and new RB Jon Hilliman made his TSL debut on this drive as well. The once-promising drive stalled out around the thirty thanks to a bounce pass called incomplete and Kicker Ricky Aguayo pinned a 38-yard field goal to the other side of the uprights making the score  3-0 Jousters.

The Blues Offensive line looked scrappy early on, giving QB Connor Kaegi plenty of time in the backfield. He completed passes to Davion Davis and Brandon Arconado on this drive, putting them in field goal range where Redford Jones successfully made a 48-yard field goal tying the score up at 3.

The next Jousters drive looked to be on pace to the endzone but a goal-line interception by Blue Quincy Maiger kept Perez from finding the endzone. The Blues however could not capitalize on this play and had to punt the ball back to the Jousters.

Tyler Palka of the Jousters caught the first-down ball to bring them over the 50-yard line on the returning drive. After the two-minute warning, Perez connected with Simmons on the 10 which he carried over the goal line for the evening’s first touchdown. Aguayo’s PAT was good and the score was 10-3 Jousters going into the half.

The teams traded off punts in the third quarter.

On the first Blues drive of the fourth quarter, Nick Fitzgerald, now in at QB was intercepted by Defensive Back Joshua Simmons at about the 30 giving the Jousters back the ball. The Jousters ended up punting on that drive or at least attempting to. Seth Thomas of the Blues tipped the ball as it left the punter’s foot and the Blues managed t recover it around the 15.

Marcellias Sutton ran it for a first down, making it first and goal from the five where the Blues had to settle for a Jones FG attempts from 22 yards out, making the score 10-6 Jousters with just over seven minutes left to play.

The Jousters punted on the following possession, paving the way for a last-second touchdown by the Blues to seal it, but they missed on the 4th & 4 conversion giving the ball back to the Jousters.

The Jousters just needed to manage a first down to lock up the victory, but solid secondary play from the Blues forced the Jousters to give the ball back.

With under a minute left on the clock, Connor Kaegi hit Davion Davis for a big first down, then a pass to Lucky Jackson brought them across the 50, both receivers stepped out of bounds, both stopped the clock.

After a failed attempt on the first down, Kaegi went back under center. With 0 seconds left on the clock, he hurled the ball downfield into a sea of purple and blue. Davion Davis tipped the ball upward to give it one last-ditch effort, and Lucky Jackson  Came down with the walk-off touchdown. Pandemonium breaks out from the Blues sideline, and they win the game, final score 13-10, Blues.

Full Box Score


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