South Division Player of the Week: Darnell Holland

The Spring League named Darnell Holland South Division Player of the Week for his outstanding performance in the Generals game versus the Sea Lions last weekend. Only toting the ball 4 times and receiving one pass for a 47-yard touchdown, Darnell shined in kickoff return on the day. Returning a league record, two kickoffs the length of the field for two touchdowns.

When asked about what this award means to him Darnell shifted the attention to his teammates saying “It’s a token of gratitude and recognition for all the hard work that I and my teammates do every day. We spend a lot of time and effort in this sport, and I appreciate any time we get noticed for it.” He went on to talk about his time with TSL so far this season, saying: “You have a lot of obstacles in TSL, guys coming in and leaving so often, playing on a small season. Handling adversity is definitely really rewarding when you get to get things done and win games.”

When asked about the team chemistry for the Gens, Holland had this to say, “From week one to week five I’ve seen this team grow so much closer together. It’s all because we are all buying into the culture. We all need each other to succeed and it’s all about working together.”

An alumnus of Kennesaw State University, Darnell had this to say about his Alma Mater: “Tim Glenton really poured into me and all the other players that came out of Kennesaw. He really stressed the importance of relationships in sports. One way of going about that is working hard in practice. They taught us to always have a great attitude in working hard.”

When asked about COVID 19 and how he found the strength to keep playing ball Holland had this to say: “I’ve been playing football since I was 7 years old. Everything I’ve worked for is going to come, so if I gave up at any point id be cheating myself. Quitting was never an option.”

Darnell has this to say to scouts and teams watching his TSL tape: “One thing I can guarantee you is that my effort, attitude, and toughness will always be there no matter what.”

-Jose M. Rodriguez III

Photo by Aaron Meullion (@aa7ron)


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