TSL2021: Linemen vs. Alphas (Week 6 Recap and Highlights)

The final week of The Spring League’s regular season kicked off with a clash between the Alphas and the First Place Linemen. This was the first game of the North Division’s season to take place at Butler University as opposed to Lucas Oil Stadium, but the Great Outdoors did not get in the way of the Linemen who got to work early.

A big run by RB Tre Minter brought the Linemen across the fifty, after a quick first down, Ryan Willis connected with Issac Zico for the first touchdown of the game, making the score 6-0 Linemen.

On the returning drive, Brian Lewerke had a 20+ yard scramble to bring the Alphas into scoring position. Tavonn Wright brought down a ball to bring the Alphas into the red zone. Several penalties pushed them back behind the 30 and forced a 32-yard try by Johnathan Song, making the score 6-3 Linemen.

A turnover on downs gave the Alphas back the ball and Willis got straight to work, connecting with Wright, then running for a few first downs putting the Alphas into the red zone. The Linemen held them to a 34-yard attempt by Nathan Herlihy, evening the score to 6-6.

On second down of the Linemen’s returning drive Willis was picked off by Cornelius Sturgil, who ran it back to the endzone, after the PAT by Herlihy the score was 13-6 Alphas.

A one-handed grab by Ben Putnam brought the Linemen across the 50, but the Alphas held them to a failed field goal attempt.

At the end of the half Willis’s pass was intercepted by Sturgil. Blake Morgan punched the ball into the endzone making the score 19-6 going into halftime.

A big connection for 30+ yards between Willis and Micheal Dereus brought the Linemen into scoring position. Willis then hit Minter for another first down gain. Issac Zico brought down the ball in the endzone for a Linemen score, and after Brian Song’s PAT the score was 19-13 Alphas.

Dereus was back to work for the Linemen on their next drive, going for a long 25 yard catch to kickoff the possession. DJ Davis had a big run to bring the ball right up to the edge of the endzone, where Delfonte Diamond brought down Willis’s pass for anothe Linemen touchdown.

On the next Alphas possession, Connor Christian of the Linemen forced a fumble that was recovered by the Alphas, but not after loosing hefty yardage. The Alphas were forced to punt, and The Linemen got to work again. Willis connected with Davis and Putnam to bring the Linemen back into the red zone, where Minter bounced his way into the endzone for another Linemen Touchdown. 27-19 Linemen.

On the Alphas returning drive, Blake Morgan had a huge run to bring the A’s to the other side of the field, finally being brought down at the Linemen 16-yard line. The Alphas settled for a 48-yard FG attempt and Herlihy made the final score  of the game. 27-22 Linemen.

Full Box Score  


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